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euroShell fuel cards offer its cardholders the most comprehensive UK & European refuelling solution, with optional purchase card controls for motor oils and lubricants. With a vast network coverage of 40,000 pan-European stations, you're never far from your next refuelling location. Including Toll Settlement, Fine Settlement, and Breakdown Assistance facilities for your fleet, all within a single euroShell fuel card.

euroShell Card

High quality fuels at major ports, motorways, and truck stops

The euroShell Fuel Card offers UK drivers an all-in-one solution due to a market-leading European network of 40,000 stations to refuel and replenish, now available with over 500,000 charge points. Purchase your preferred fuels throughout the UK & Europe with Shell FuelSave Diesel and Shell FuelSave Unleaded at pumps. With access at selected stations to Shell V-Power Diesel and Shell V-Power Unleaded.

Click this link to view the Station Finder relating to your vehicle types from the available filter options.

Purchase road taxes such as Vignettes, either online here or at point-of-sale on arrival for the period required, in certain countries, namely Denmark, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Romania, and Sweden.

A choice of fuel card controls for fleet managers and transport managers to authorise or restrict purchases of AdBlue, oils, lubricants, and washes. Removing the need to issue cash or credit cards to employees for greater security and the ability to reclaim expensive taxes, unlike cash, credit card, and cash register receipts that are not accepted by VAT Agents as the validity of purchase remains questionable in the eyes of the EU directive.

Shell EETS Toll Box for over 3.5t> vehicles (Trucks & Coaches)

Single European Toll Solution over 3.5t> vehicles

EETS Toll Box is a plug-and-play installation for use in vehicles exceeding 3.5t> gross weight when transiting Europe. Settle tolls electronically, using a satellite and microwave combination, eliminating forced stops for drivers. Gain maximum rebates up to 50% from list price automatically with this device for discounted toll settlement in all activated countries. For ease, vehicle registrations are amended online by the user in the event of vehicle replacement or vehicle rental change within your fleet. 

Covering 15 countries, including Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland as well as various tunnels and secure parking facilities

In 2022, we will expand our offer further to Scandinavian with Norway and (Southern) Eastern European countries like Czech Republic and Slovenia.

Use your euroShell Fuel Card for any other countries not yet supported.

VAT Services

Recover Tax on Fuels, Tolls, Parking, and Washes in Europe

Standard VAT Recovery is when foreign VAT is paid upfront by your company purchasing fuel and tolls. After the end of every quarter a claim can be processed to recover this. Each relevant country has it's own refund period. Some counties can take up to 12 months to reimburse monies. 

Net of VAT Invoicing (NoVI) pre-financing refunds VAT on your next available invoice to immediately improve cash-flow. Post-Brexit, this service is only available for purchases made in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Rep. of Ireland (not eligible for coach operators), Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden.

Tax percentages are subject to the relevant country and range from 17% (LU) to 27% (HU) of the total spend per transaction.

Mont Blanc & Frejus Tunnel Cards

The tunnel and motorway connecting France and Italy

The tunnel card offers a settlement option on both single passage and return journey options. With a discount of 19% from the list price and seamless transactions, offering the most cost-effective and efficient way to transit through both tunnels.

Billing is processed with your Shell invoice for a single debit solution. 

Taxes are added and relevant to side of tunnel and the country you purchase in. France TVA is 20% and Italy IVA is 22%. These can be reimbursed successfully using our VAT Services with standard recovery or pre-financing.

Please note: vehicle restrictions may apply to each tunnel by the management companies. Visit our consortium for further details: Click here

Medpass Toll Box for under <3.5t vehicles (Cars & Vans)

Single European Toll Box for France, Spain, Italy and Portugal

Used in everyday use for fleets of cars and vans, these passes are a plug-and-play device that uses radio signals. Stuck to the windscreen of the vehicle and outside of the wiper sweep zone.

Drivers transit through the toll booth in the lane highlighted with the 't' symbol. Simply slow down when arriving at the barrier, the device beeps, and the barrier lifts for the vehicle to pass through. 

Invoiced electronically for a post-payment method and deducted within your single Shell automated debit.

Shell Brobizz Toll Box

Vehicles exceeding 3.5t> for Denmark, Norway, and Sweden

Get around Denmark, Sweden and Norway easily, areas where it can be a problem due to the many toll roads and ferries.

  • Automatic payment with bizz on toll roads in Norway.
  • Covers just about all toll bridges in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.
  • Special agreements that give 40% discount on over 90 different ferries in Norway
  • Big discounts in and around Oslo and on the Great Belt Bridge for more recent Euro 6 HGVs and buses.
  • Automatic payment with bizz on the Great Belt, Kronprinsesse Mary and Öresund bridges.
  • Special agreements with a discount on the Great Belt and Öresund Bridges.
  • Passage through access control at the ports of Vejle, Kolding and Aarhus.
  • Passage through access control in your own area and for selected businesses.

Tolls, Tunnels, Bridges

Additional road services with euroShell Fuel Card

Many of the road networks in Europe are privately owned by corporations, thus - incurring fees to travel on. This includes, tunnels and bridges. 

To assist in easy movement across Europe, euroShell Fuel Card offers the ability to settle payment without the need for cash. Charges are invoiced to your account and if there is a tax, we can process the recovery via our VAT services.

Toll guide per country by product: Click here

Secure Parking & Vehicle Washes

Keeping drivers and goods safe, keeping vehicles clean

With the new EU directive of drivers sleeping away from their vehicles, secure parking facilities have become a necessity around Europe. Your driver can rest-easy knowing they can purchase parking with the euroShell Card and recover additional taxes for overnight security where applicable.

Car, Van, and Truck Wash facilities can be purchased at all relevant Shell stations and partner sites.

View Truck Wash & Tank Cleaning locations: Click here

Breakdown Assistance & Fine Settlement

Coverage in over 42 European countries

With 24/7 support for your drivers, euroShell Assistance has you covered with a pay-as-you-go add-on. Ranging from tyre replacement, on-site recovery, and towing facilities escorting vehicles off motorways to safety at network garage specialists.

Fine settlement in case of penalties whereby the local authorities will only accept cash payments to release the compounded vehicle for it's onward journey. A courier is approved and legally signs over the the payment whilst obtaining proof by receipt.

Emergency Helpline: 00 800 38 76 74 35 (toll free) or +33472175748 

Further information: Click here

EuroTunnel, Ferries, ROLA

Non-road services throughout Europe

The euroShell Fuel Card can be used to pay for ROLA (truck on train) services, and book European ferry crossings. With a vast range of crossing all over Europe.

To book a ferry or EuroTunnel crossing via Transcamion, visit Transcamion website. With Transcamion, you can benefit from discounted rates (dependant on number of crossings) and even alter your departure time if needed.

With P&O Ferries, your drivers use their euroShell Fuel Card to pay directly at the terminals, without any need to book in advance. For further details on available routes and timetables, visit P&O Ferries website.

To book a ROLA crossing using a euroShell Fuel Card, contact Rail Cargo Austria, the European leader in accompanied combined transport, or our partner agent, Transcamion.

Rail Cargo Austria offers you the following routes:

  • Salzburg (Austria) - Triest (Italy)
  • Wels (Austria) - Maribor (Slovenia)
  • Wörgl (Austria) - Brenner (Austria)
  • Wörgl (Austria) - Trento (Italy)

For more information, including booking details, timetable and price list, visit the Rail Cargo Austria website.

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